What is Schuyler Center’s mission?
The Schuyler Center is an independent, statewide, nonprofit, policy analysis and advocacy organization based in Albany, New York. Our mission is to work to shape policies to improve the health, welfare and human services for all New Yorkers, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Schuyler Center achieves its reforms through creative and detail-conscious policy analysis, coalition-building and advocacy to elected officials, agency executives and stakeholders. Priority emphasis is given to combating poverty, helping children become productive adults and citizens, promoting wellness, and mitigating disabilities.

Who is Schuyler Center’s constituency?
All New Yorkers, especially those who are poor or vulnerable.

What policy areas does Schuyler Center work on?
Schuyler Center’s policy initiatives are determined by its citizen-led Board of Trustees in collaboration with senior policy staff and include work in the following areas: high quality early care & learning, maternal and infant home visiting, child welfare, children’s mental health and adult home reform, and health care policy & finance.

Is Schuyler Center affiliated with the state of New York?
Schuyler Center is an independent, non-profit organization and is not affiliated with the State of New York.

Is Schuyler Center a partisan organization?
Schuyler Center is a non-partisan organization. We work with all sides to advance initiatives that will help people in need.

Where is Schuyler Center located?
Schuyler Center is located at 540 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207 (corner of Steuben Street and Broadway).

Who heads your organization?
Kate Breslin is President & CEO of Schuyler Center.

Does Schuyler Center have a Board of Trustees?
Schuyler Center is overseen by a Board of Trustees representing a diverse, statewide constituency. Visit the Board page for a current list of members. The full board meets four times a year.

How do I contact the right staff person about a particular initiative?
Visit the Staff page for a list of Schuyler Center staff members linked to a description of employment history and current agency responsibilities with individual e-mail addresses and phone numbers for contact purposes.

How do I obtain a specific Schuyler Center publication, press release, or testimony?
Go to the Publications page where you will find a brief description of the publication and order form. Most of the listed publications are available in PDF files and can be viewed and printed directly from our website. If you are interested in a bulk publications order, contact Carole Tozzi by phone at 518-463-1896 ext. 121.

How is Schuyler Center funded?
Schuyler Center relies on a modest endowment, contributions from Board members and others, and foundation support to carry out its extensive agenda.

Does Schuyler Center fund other services or other organizations?
Schuyler Center does not provide funding.

Does Schuyler Center provide any direct services?
Schuyler Center does not provide direct services in the traditional sense. We do provide technical assistance to other organizations on policy, service delivery, and advocacy.

How does Schuyler Center do its work?
Each year the senior staff and Board of Trustees determines the organization’s policy priorities. Professional staff carry out the day-to-day work of the organization. The primary strategies used to carry out the organizational agenda include 1) development of public policy alternatives, creation of coalitions and legislative advocacy, and 2) education of the public and decision-makers through online information outreach, forums, policy papers, and periodic informational alerts.

Can I support Schuyler Center’s work?
You can support our work in many ways. Visit our Donate page to make a tax deductible contribution.

Does Schuyler Center accept interns or fellows?
Schuyler Center provides an excellent opportunity to graduate students interested in policy analysis, research, and advocacy. With our office located across from the NYS Capitol, interns receive a hands-on overview of the legislative process including attending hearings and meetings with legislators, writing memos in support & opposition, involvement in collaborative efforts with diverse advocate organizations, and research on specific policy issues. The State University of New York at Albany’s School of Social Welfare, School of Public Health, and the Center for Women In Government programs have placed students at Schuyler Center. For questions about internship availability, contact Carole Tozzi at (518) 463-1896 x. 121 or by e-mail at ctozzi@scaany.org.

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