President's Message

President’s Message: March 2021

We have made great strides since the launch of our Campaign to End Child Poverty in December 2020. This year has brought a new President, a cohort of fresh, passionate State legislators, and growing enthusiasm among partners in our campaign to cut child poverty in half in 10 years.

In February, we presented at the New York State Association of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislators Living our Legacy event; released a paper highlighting New York State Child Poverty Facts; and gathered more and more co-sponsors for the Child Poverty Reduction Act, S.2755-A (Ramos)/A.1160 (Bronson). At this point, the bill has 17 co-sponsors in the Assembly, 16 in the Senate, and counting!

In addition to the progress we’ve made at the state level, the American Rescue Plan—which is projected to reduce child poverty substantially, though temporarily—has been passed in the US House of Representatives and Senate. It is not perfect; the child tax credit is refundable—this is good—but it glaringly omits children who do not have a Social Security Number. For this reason, we are urging New York State policymakers to include help for these children and families in the State budget, through the Empire State Child Credit.

It is long past time to commit to ending child poverty in New York State and the nation.


Kate Breslin
President and CEO