The State of New York Children: A 2020 Data Briefing

Schuyler Center Presents Data on State of New York Children – Calls on State Leaders to Cut Child Poverty in Half by 2030

On January 14, 2020, the Schuyler Center’s policy team shared data about the well-being of New York children and recommended policy strategies for building better foundations for all the state’s children at a State of New York’s Children Data Briefing at the Legislative Office Building in Albany.   

“Perhaps the challenge that looms largest for New York children is the state’s persistently high rate of child poverty,” said Dede Hill, Policy Director.  “For more than a decade, the percentage of New York children living in poverty has lingered at 20%.”

Schuyler Center’s policy team outlined the many challenges facing New York children and families, including the effects of poverty on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive well-being, ongoing racial discrimination in employment, housing, and education, and the ill effects of the high cost of child care on children and families.  Throughout its presentation, the team focused on the outcomes disparities for children and families of color.

Kate Breslin, Schuyler Center President and CEO, summed up the briefing, “While we recognize the state, and the nation, are facing formidable challenges, every day that we fail to provide all our children the foundations they need to have a fair shot at success is a missed opportunity for that child and the future of our state.”

The Schuyler Center is urging the Governor and Legislature to set a child poverty reduction target and hold themselves to it.

Go to our State of New York’s Children page to view the Data Book, a video recording of the briefing, and more.