2021-2022 New York State Policy Priorities

The COVID-19 crisis and the movement to end racist violence have highlighted what we have long known: for New York children to thrive, they need a family, quality health care, early education, financial security—not one, but all of these things. Further, they need all the systems upon which children and families rely to be aligned and coordinated, well-resourced and anti-racist. So is it with all New Yorkers.

What follows are our 2021-2022 Policy Priorities for children and families and all low-income New Yorkers. We advance these priorities with our eyes wide open to the extraordinary public health, political and financial challenges facing New York. However, the State’s response cannot be to deny New Yorkers fundamental supports and services. Nor can New York’s strategy be to wait for the federal government to act—although federal assistance has to be part of the solution. Rather, the response must be to exert strong leadership, harness a sense of shared responsibility, and raise, borrow, and shift resources to ensure children and families receive all the supports they need.

New York State prioritizes policies to dramatically reduce child poverty, with a focus on racial equity, and to strengthen family economic security.

For more information, read Schuyler Center’s full 2021-2022 New York State Policy Priorities.