We stand in solidarity, today and every day

Dear partners and friends,

We stand in solidarity today and every day with the many New Yorkers—including children and families—who have been harmed by systems too often designed—or used—to hurt Black and brown people. We mourn today for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor; Ahmaud Arbery; and for all our nation’s Black and brown people who live in daily fear that they, or a loved one, will fall prey to racist violence.

Here in New York and around the US, communities of color are reeling from COVID-19. New York’s data shows just how racially disproportionate are the impacts of this virus. Outside of New York City, 33% of New Yorkers who have died from COVID-19 have been Black or Hispanic, while they represent 21% of the population. Similarly, in New York City, 62% of fatalities have been suffered by Black and Hispanic residents, while they represent 51% of the NYC population. (Data reported as of 5/15/20). The underlying reasons for these disparate fatality rates, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are likely social and economic conditions.

Now this.

All of us at Schuyler Center are here to listen and to support. We also are focused on justice. In the coming weeks and months, New York leaders are facing monumental decisions—particularly related to the budget—that will have concrete, significant impacts on the lives of New Yorkers and whether we further entrench inequity or dismantle it. We will fight every day to ensure that New Yorkers of color, with a special focus on children and families, receive the support they need—and justice.


Kate Breslin, President & CEO
Crystal Charles, Policy Analyst
Matilda Gragg, Research Coordinator
Dede Hill, Director of Policy
Lara Kassel, Coordinator of Medicaid Matters New York
Kari Siddiqui, Policy Analyst
Helen Smith, Director of Finance and Administration
Carole Tozzi, Administrative Associate
Bridget Walsh, Senior Policy Analyst
Amy Weismann, Communications/Administrative Associate