Governor Cuomo issued a press release on January 5, noting it was the “3rd Proposal of 2017 State of the State,” that aims to make child care more affordable for middle class families.  The Governor is correct in that “too many parents have to sacrifice working to build their families’ financial future because affordable, high-quality day care is financially out of reach.”  But the Enhanced Middle Class Tax Child Care Tax Credit falls short of meeting this challenge.  The proposal does nothing to help parents making less than $50,000 a year cover the costs of quality child care.  Right now, in New York State, 83% of low-income families who are eligible for a subsidy are turned away.  Governor Cuomo pledges to “continue to fight so that child care is safe, reliable, of high quality and available to New York’s working families.”  To do that, he must include significant new investment in subsidies for low-income working families in the executive budget.

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