Black Families Matter.

This week, the George Floyd case closed with a guilty verdict. A just verdict. We are relieved and encouraged by this small win; it gives us hope that the injustices that plague Black families can be addressed. The resolution of George Floyd’s murder is an important step in the march toward creating anti-racist institutions, but still far from real justice. Real justice features meaningful investment in Black and brown communities, families, children. Real justice prevents racist violence long before another Black or brown father, mother, child is murdered.

Today, we mourn the loss of George Floyd and reflect on the progress sparked by the global unrest following the spread of his story. Every day we work on policy issues that disproportionately affect Black and brown families. Systemic, historical and ongoing racism affects so many areas of society, from health to child welfare, infecting institutions built to support children and families. We are redoubling our efforts to center racial justice in our work.

Black families matter.
Black children matter.
Black Lives Matter.

With firm resolve,
The Schuyler Center Team