Policy Director Dede Hill, presented testimony on behalf of Schuyler Center, our strategic partner, the Center for Children’s Initiatives, and the Ready for Kindergarten, Ready for College Campaign, which we co-lead with the Alliance for Quality Education and Citizen Action of New York, at a Joint Hearing on Access to Quality Child Care on May 23, 2017.  The testimony discussed some of the myriad ways the shortage of affordable, quality child care affects New York families, communities, and businesses.  It also offered a few suggested steps for the State to take toward addressing it, including (1) passing Senate Bill 5929 /Assembly Bill 7726 to create a child care availability task force, and providing the task force with sufficient resources to effectively carry out its mandate; and (2) direct that a portion of the billions of dollars invested in economic development – much of which is funneled through the Regional Economic Development Councils – be invested in child care. 

Read testimony here.