Schuyler Center is a not for profit 501c3 organization. Our independence allows us to advocate appropriately and effectively for New York’s most vulnerable citizens. We need your financial support to continue meeting our mission of helping those families in the greatest need.

SCAA recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy. All personal information collected is provided to us voluntarily and never sold or traded to other organizations.

Easy, tax-advantaged options include:

Credit Card
Thank you for considering a credit card gift to SCAA via PayPal.

Because cash gifts provide funds that can be put to use right away, they are particularly helpful. Cash/check donations are subject to the most liberal tax rules. The higher your income bracket, the greater your tax savings. Please make check payable to SCAA and mail to:

Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy
540 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207

Gifts of appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds, that you have owned for more than one year are very popular because capital gains are entirely avoided, and a tax deduction is available for the full market value (rather than your original cost) of the appreciated assets. Whether you hold your securities in certificate form or in a brokerage account, we can provide simple instructions on making your gift of appreciated securities. Click here for how to make a stock transfer.

A large gift may be much more affordable when pledge payments are made over several months or years. Pledges are deductible in the year payment is actually made, which enables you to adjust the time and amount of each payment to maximize tax benefits.

Real Estate:
Whether residential, commercial or vacant land, a contribution of real estate provides the donor with a reduction in income tax and reduction or elimination of capital gains tax.

Life Insurance:
You don’t need a large estate to make a significant gift to SCAA. Donating an existing, paid-up policy allows you to deduct the entire replacement value of the policy. If the policy isn’t completely paid up, its approximate cash value, plus future premium payments, are usually fully tax-deductible.

IRA or Certificate of Deposit:
To avoid the dual tax on IRA or other employee benefit plans, you may wish to designate SCAA as the beneficiary of some or all of your retirement assets, while leaving your family other, less tax laden assets.

Matching Gifts:
Many employers match charitable donations made by their employees or directors, sometimes on a two-for-one basis. Check with your company’s personnel office for the necessary forms and information. Mail completed forms to: SCAA, 540 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207.

Remember SCAA in your will with a cash gift, specific property or a share of the remainder of your estate. Bequests allow the donor to retain assets throughout life, reduce estate taxes and they are revocable. Bequests may be restricted or unrestricted as to their purpose. Unrestricted gifts are particularly valuable because they permit flexibility and innovation in their use. Click here for bequest information, or call Helen Smith at 518.463.1896 ext.140.

The material presented on this website is not offered as legal or tax advice. For advice and assistance in particular cases or whether a certain gift best suits your situation, please consult an attorney or financial advisor.