Our Impact 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced every one of us—individuals and organizations—to re-evaluate all aspects of our lives, but one thing remains certain: Schuyler Center’s work is as important as ever.

The racial, social, and economic disparities evidenced by this deadly virus cannot be overlooked. It is abundantly clear that the novel Coronavirus does discriminate. A family’s neighborhood, income level, and race and ethnicity are all significant contributing factors to whether someone gets and dies from this deadly disease, and the extent to which their community is affected.

Over the last several months, we have introduced Policy Priorities for Building Back Better: Putting Children in the Center of Recovery. We have effectively shared data which highlights the historical and ongoing racial discrimination in employment, housing, and education, among other realms, causing New York children of color to experience poverty, near poverty, and insecure parental employment, at approximately twice the rate of white children. We have also promoted that New York’s refundable tax credits exclude some of the very New Yorkers most likely to live in poverty, yet this tax policy is among the most effective strategies for reducing poverty. We are excited to showcase our work and thank our incredibly generous supporters with this report demonstrating our focus on preventing families from hardship.

For almost 150 years, the Schuyler Center has advanced effective and inclusive public policies that put children and families first. Today we continue to focus on income inequality and its ill effects on the health and well-being of New York families. We hope you will join our fight to shape policy so racial inequalities highlighted by COVID19 don’t continue to exist—with this virus, or the next one.

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