On Thursday, July 2nd, 2020, the CHAMPS-NY coalition held a second press conference to highlight the need for a moratorium on “aging out” of foster care in New York State during this ongoing public health crisis. CHAMPS-NY, a statewide group of providers, advocates and thought partners, works to promote state policy and practice changes to ensure children entering foster care are placed into family-based settings whenever possible.

In the press release, our own Kate Breslin (Schuyler Center President and CEO and CHAMPS-NY co-chair) notes,

“Young people leaving foster care already face many obstacles. Now, in the middle of a global health crisis, when a safe and stable home are vital to both individual and public health, no young person should be pushed from their home or be forced to leave foster care without a family simply because they turn 21. New York needs to take simple, straightforward, and urgently needed action to ensure that young people in foster care in New York State have the option to remain in foster care after their 21st birthday, and for at least 180 days after the last region in the state has fully reopened.”

Since the pandemic began, nine states have taken executive action to protect youth in foster care.

View the press conference video below. 

Champs press conference