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Schuyler Center Chosen as a Recipient of Child Care NEXT Grant

On July 28, 2021, The Alliance for Early Success announced five states chosen as recipients of Child Care NEXT grants, a major initiative to support in-state coalitions ready to mount long-term campaigns to achieve transformative change to their state’s child care systems. New York is one of those states and Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy is proud to be one of the lead organizations, along with our partners, Alliance for Quality Education and The Children’s Agenda.

“Child care is in desperate need of a demonstration that moves beyond tinkering around the edges and shows the powerful ripple effect that a bold change can have in economic vitality and family well-being. And states are where those kinds of creative policy solutions are born and proven.”
—Helene Stebbins, Executive Director, Alliance for Early Success

What is Child Care NEXT:
Child Care NEXT seeks to transform child care policies and systems in states so that children, families, providers, and educators are served both effectively and equitably. It is organized by the Alliance—a 50-state early childhood policy advocacy nonprofit, and guided by a steering committee of 15 national policy and grassroots organizations. The goal of Child Care NEXT is to demonstrate how major structural change in state Early Care and Education (ECE) policy can make fundamental differences for children, families, and the economic vitality of their communities and states.

Like Schuyler Center, Child Care NEXT believes fundamental social change requires building and sustaining political power, organizing, and advocacy capacity at all levels—from neighborhoods and communities to the state capitol, and everywhere in between.

What this means for New York child care:
After an extensive application and review process, five states were chosen because of their readiness to successfully pursue an ambitious agenda, and their capacity to bring to life all of the Child Care NEXT Core Principles which are

  • building and sustaining political power, organizing, and advocacy capacity at all levels;
  • transforming child care policies and systems in states so that they serve all children, families, providers, and educators effectively;
  • ensuring those who are most impacted by child care policies and programs have a meaningful role in shaping the solution and campaign; and
  • centering racial equity in the work.

The state teams chosen have built strong foundations for operationalizing these core principles and showed recent advocacy, policy, and revenue efforts in early care and education that demonstrate a commitment to robust changes in their states’ child care systems.

What this means for Schuyler Center going forward:
The five selected states will receive deep, ongoing support to develop and implement campaigns that achieve transformative state child care policy, support which we are grateful for as we continue to fight for policies that strengthen New York’s children and families.

As part of the cohort, we are prepared to demonstrate to the rest of the nation how strategic, equitable, and system-wide change in child care can dramatically improve the lives of children, families and communities.

It has been Schuyler Center’s mission to represent a diverse population of children and families from traditionally marginalized communities in New York, and to provide compelling proof points for bold change in a range of economic, political, and regional contexts. We have been, and continue to be ready to mount long-term campaigns to achieve substantial and sustainable change in New York State’s child care policies.

We are thrilled to be a part of this movement.

See what Child Care Next had to say about the New York Team Leaders Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, Alliance for Quality Education, and The Children’s Agenda:

“The New York team is experienced, diverse, and geographically dispersed. It includes advocacy organizations from across the state, as well as family child care and center-based early education providers who are in the field every day serving the children and families in their communities. This team grew out of work that began in 2017 with the creation of the Empire State Campaign for Childcare (ESCCC). They started designing their North Star two years ago, and through their participation and influence on the Governor’s Child Care Availability Task Force, ensured their vision is reflected in the final recommendations.

The New York team plans to implement the recommendations set forth in this comprehensive, ambitious, and practical plan, which aims to equitably expand access to high-quality child care to all New York families that need it, and to provide child care educators with compensation and support reflective of the extraordinary value of their work.”

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