The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy strives to ensure that New York’s policies benefit everybody, not just those with money or power.  We are a statewide, nonprofit, policy analysis and advocacy organization working to shape policies to improve health, welfare and human services for all New Yorkers, especially those who are poor or vulnerable.

Hear Kate Breslin explain SCAA’s purpose: 


Our Focus

Read about Schuyler Center’s focus on strengthening
families and preventing enduring hardships.





Our Strategy

Dedicated to public policy solutions that improve the well-being of New York’s most vulnerable families, the Schuyler Center takes a data-driven approach to identify problems, generate solutions, and hold government accountable.  We are a non-partisan organization.  We neither support nor oppose any political party nor any candidate running for elected office.  We focus on evaluating public policies and their impacts and proposing improvements.

To carry out its work the Schuyler Center conducts:

  • Analysis:  defining the problem, identifying the impacted population, developing recommendations.
  • Advocacy: using analysis to inform strategic recommendations that promote strong public policy.

Our Supporters

We couldn’t do our work without the generous support of so many organizations and individuals – Thank You, Thank You!